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Home Watch Services

Why have a professional home watch company, Mains Co, monitor your home while you are away? There are many situations that may arise while you are out of town. What happens if these problems go undetected for a week, a month, or even longer? What would happen if there was a leak under the sink, the AC drain line gets clogged, a leak is caused by a storm, insects or pests take up residence in your home…

Our Home Watch inspections can give you peace of mind while you are away. Mains Co offers inspection service plans catered to your specific needs. At each visit, we will walk your property, looking for obvious areas of concern. During the exterior inspection of your home, we will look for damage caused by storms or vandalism, check the overall condition of the lawn and pool, pick up any mail, packages, or newspapers that may have been delivered. Our checklist includes both the exterior and interior of your home. While inspecting the interior of you home, we will check the overall condition of your home for potential issues including with the AC system, alarm system, obvious leaks, pests, insects, securing windows and doors and more… We will promptly advice you of any concerns we have.

Each Home Watch visit will be conducted at scheduled intervals depending on the service plan you choose. We offer weekly or bi-weekly visits. We can also schedule additional visits, as needed. After each visit we will send you a detailed report summarizing what we have found. You can confidently leave your home in our care.

Our Home Watch Services include but are not limited to:

  • 18 Point Inspection – Exterior
  • 18 Point Inspection – Interior
  • Coordinate Repair or Maintenance Services
  • Coordinate Cleaning Services
  • Auto Care (vehicle start up, driving, etc.)
  • Waiting Services (repairs, deliveries, etc.)
  • Answer Security Alarm Calls, day and night
  • Storm Prep and Post Storm Assessment
  • Concierge Services

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